I sit and stress when I dont have my cell right next to me. I worry about the missed call or not seeing the next email pop back up so I can be informed. It is an addiction we have created within our daily lives. Then when I send a text, email or leave a message I get aggrivated when I dont get a prompt responce. Then I need to look at, that not everyone is connected to thier technology as closely as some of us are.

We live out in the countryside, with a beautiful location in NY, right on the Hudson River about 20 minutes north of Albany. It is beautiful, but when the electricity goes out, it brings me back to reality. Is the close tie to the technology ruling our lives or do we rule our own???

Now imagine you had no electricity. What would your life be like? Knowing myself, it would be very hard to adjust. Or just learn to accept. Many people in the world, have done just that. They have fallen into thier lives and just became complacent.

Now, the unimaginable, imagine yourself with no clean water or possibly no water and nothing to drink. It is happening all around the world right now. As we go on with our comfortable lives, there are people dieing every day. We get hunger pains or get grumpy when we want something to eat or drink. But the truth of the matter is, we can get off our butt and get somehing to satisfy our every whim.

We have invented an Air to Water Device. It runs on solar and provides the life saving water needed to save many peoples lives. The great part is it is not expensive like other avenues. In addition, it continues to provide water for many years to come with no aditional expenses.

Now the hard part, we are preparing to launch this to the World. In our Country (USA) you must jump through hoops and do some magic tricks, because venture capital is unheard of with the recent crash of the banking industry. It has cost us an enormous amount of money to create and bring to a stage where it is ready to roll. And the investors or banks want big orders. If it was that easy, it would be done. Well, inorder to get orders, you need to be ready to manufacture. That is the catch 22. Ready but laking the last big push. This is where most inventions or technology fall by the wayside.

The only way we wil effectively make change in the world, is to have more people be forward thinking and take a chance on life. Till then, we keep moving, zigging and zagging and looking to make a difference in another persons life.

Till we meet again.

Rick Anderson

Founder / CEO

Titan Power Systems